spirit dance4

Well-being blossoms from the activation of the heart where wisdom awaits each of us.

And from the healing of a mind that left unchecked, knows an importance separating us.


The experience of You…


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We are actually God in the process of knowing this. The very same energy is [being] us… So when petty, hurtful ungodly behavior happens to befall you where you least expect it, remember that your immortality and invincibility span the limitless length, breadth, and depth of that which contains everything. So what can a pin-head quantity of darkness do to the magnificence of your entire being. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Except perhaps drive you to experiencing more of You. divinity speaks You are the space in which all things happen. You are a singular all-encompassing unique beautiful example of all that contains, assists, or witnesses. And you came to experience it all for the knowing of who you are. And… its nice that you are not alone in this journey. Even when you are.

Our Guides, Angels, Friends, the One…


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I have come to you so often
In a song or a thought
I have rescued you from your sufferings
With a hug or a phone-call

I have shared your sense of humor
In poetry and prose
I have danced with such fervor
When you conquered fears and rose

I have given you so many names
To love and to lean on
I have acted in so many roles
As companions you could dream of

We have challenged you… yes… plenty
But only for your growth
We have written together your story
With the purpose of knowing home

These physicalities, the atrocities
Thorns on a rose
You are larger than this slight
You are the gardener of your cove

Eyes are not needed to see what I mean
Ears are not required to hear what I speech
Even the blind and the deaf have access to Truth
We feel it in our hearts… and in our will resolute

Yes, we feel it in our hearts… and in the music of our flute.

I understand the pain, I have borne it myself
But I remind you not to let it become your best friend
It will pass, this moment that dreads you into fear
You are my beautiful creations, each spirit unique and real

I need you to believe in your light through all darkness
Reach out in faith, and I will help you understand this
Layer by layer your veils will come undone
Simply promise yourself, in action, that all of us are One.human in galaxy formation



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The journey isn’t mine to dictate
My path is
The pace is for me to appreciate
What my essence is

Expectation isn’t mine to apply
My commitment is
The effect isn’t mine to devise
Pure intention is

Judgment isn’t mine to offer
Understanding is
Misbehavior isn’t mine to personalize
My response is

Another’s motive isn’t mine to contemplate
My pain is
Blame isn’t mine to visualize
Healing is

The mind isn’t the container of all that is
I am is
Ignorance isn’t the bliss of my life
Awareness is

To hope isn’t the magic of my thought
Faith is
To cope isn’t this honest being’s walk
Courage is

Awards aren’t meant to idolize
Service is
Recognition is an opportunity to verbalize
What gratitude is

Love isn’t mine to possess
It’s embodiment is
Destiny isn’t mine to maneuver
My evolution is

The past isn’t mine to live by
My present is
The future isn’t when I example my life
Right here and now is

The Journey Back…


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There is powerful depth in silence. Until the mind interrupts it, it is pure intimacy.

There is powerful intimacy in love. Until the mind covers it, it is pure truth.

There is powerful truth in a kiss. Until the mind labels it, it is the love of god.

There is a powerful god in our touch. Until the mind interferes with it, it is the touch of deep healing.

There is powerful healing in our “being”. Until the mind denies it, we are free from our material identities.

There is powerful purpose in our material identities. Until we break through them or are broken by them, we have ample opportunities to choose our heaven or hell.

There is a powerful fact about heaven and hell. One meets you in your every silent moment. The other minds you away from this momentous meeting.

I love, appreciate, cherish, and respect you.


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I only naturally change my wear, and put away with respect that which embraced me through illness and exhaustion. I found comfort in it, it served its purpose, so I must respect my wear. comfortI appreciate it… have gratitude and respect for its comfort through recovery. For the discomfort was in my illness, in that which was not harmonized within me, not in my wear. And it will be worn again, as long as I bathe and cleanse myself and after it too is washed. Just like you and I. We can always return to meet… cleaner, lighter, brighter, more fragrant… deeper enriched than we once were. This is love. And this is how we roll in love. love,comfort